A new advance in quick-change tillage tools is available to help farmers save effort, time and money.

The SPEED-LOC and SPEED-RELEASE companion devices, developed by Bourgault Tillage Tools, Ltd., make difficult installations and removals, and losing sweeps and openers in the field, a thing of the past.

To overcome shortcomings of existing quick-change or knock-on systems, SPEED-LOC adapters feature a spring-loaded pin that pops into a hole in the sweep or opener, securely locking it on. Because the new system does not rely on friction to keep the tools on the adapter, installation takes much less effort. The Upper Stop feature on the new adapter ensures consistent working depth from one tool to another. The special SPEED-LOC tool makes removal easy.

The high quality, durable locking components are made from heat-treated stainless steel, chosen for its excellent anti-rust and high wear characteristics. An added dust seal ensures protection from dirt.

The product was first introduced in western Canada and Northern Plains region of the U.S., in the spring of 2000. What are the results of the first year on the market? "Very positive," reports general manager Rick Schemenauer. "Sales of the new product went well the past year and the reports from farmers who are using them have been very positive."

A manufacturer's money-back guarantee, if not satisfied, and a two-year warranty against product defect or malfunction comes with the purchase.

F.P. Bourgault Tillage Tools, Ltd., designs and manufactures a high quality line of tillage and seeding tools. The company's main product lines include the following: a full line of parallel wing sweeps, a Quick Change sweep and opener system, with the new SPEED-LOC adapter, and a Quick Change, Multi-Attachment Seed Boot system. These products are available from Bourgault Tillage Tools, Ltd., dealers across western Canada, and in many areas of the U.S., including the Northern and High Plains regions.

Bourgault Tillage Tools, Ltd., will be exhibiting at the Western Canadian Farm Progress Show, Regina, Saskatchewan.

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