Bill Lansing, Hopkinton, IA, was elected president of the American Tarentaise Association during the organization's annual convention, in Denver, CO.

Darren Klein, Creighton, NE, was elected vice president. Curtis Knight, Cheyenne, WY, was elected treasurer. Maureen Mack, Downey, ID, was re-elected secretary.

Newly elected directors are Vince Nonnemacher, St. Paul, MN; Jim Flynn, Platteville, CO; and George Dean, Martin, GA. They were each selected to serve three-year terms on the ATA board. Others serving on the ATA board of directors are Dan Braesch, Omaha, NE; Doug Honold, Coon Rapids, IA; Leonard Sheriff, Eastonollee, GA; Dennis Puppe, Mina, SD; and H.Q. Tucker, Orange, VA.

Tarentaise cattle are well known to excel in most maternal traits, including fertility. Less widely known is the breed's proven ability to produce consistently high yielding carcasses that grade Choice or high Select, with a moderate size.

The American Tarentaise Association provides free information about Tarentaise, including the ATA Sire Summary and a 12 page color brochure titled "Tarentaise Today." To obtain information contact: ATA, PO Box 34705, N Kansas City, MO 64116, or call 816-421-1993. Visit its web site, at

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