Eastern Kansas

Eugene Swearingen, Hiawatha, vice president of the Kansas Soybean Association, recently participated in the Regional Exchange and Awareness Program, (REAP), sponsored by the American Soybean Association and the Bayer Corporation and hosted by the Tennessee Soybean Association.

The ASA-Bayer REAP was designed to encourage the exchange of producer and industry information, enhance producer knowledge and skills and develop camaraderie between soybean growers from different growing regions. The program is unique, in that it accomplishes all of these goals while highlighting regional agriculture.

According to Tony Anderson, president of the American Soybean Association, "The regional exchange is important, because it helps build a better understanding of the differences and similarities we face as soybean producers. Through relationship building and networking, the program allows ASA to be more proactive, in terms of national farm policies."

"The REAP Program was a great success in attaining its goals. Those goals were to have soybean producers from one region travel to another different region to learn the challenges and successes associated with that unique region," said Swearingen.

Swearingen, along with eight other producers, enjoyed a four-day tour of western Tennessee. Tour highlights included a tour of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture's Ellington Agricultural Center, a day at the annual Milan No-Till Festival and stops at various farms in western Tennessee.

The ASA-Bayer Regional Exchange and Awareness Program promotes networking and relationship building between soybean producers from different regions. It also helps to enhance important conservation, environmental, marketings and production practices, based on information from other industry leaders.

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