A Kansas wheat producer and president of the Kansas Association of wheat Growers, Dean Stoskopf, Hoisington, has been elected secretary-treasurer of the National Association of wheat Growers Foundation.

This action was taken at the recently completed wheat Industry Conference, in Las Vegas.

The NAWG Foundation operates as the educational, scientific and charitable part of the national association, and also works closely with industry partners to provide leadership training opportunities for the nation's wheat growers. Among those training programs are the wheat Industry Leaders of Tomorrow Program, the Ambassador Program and the Women's Leadership Program, all of which help develop future leadership for the state and national wheat grower organizations,

Stoskopf joins the NAWG Foundation leadership team, which also includes: Dusty Tallman, Brandon, CO, chairman; Mark Gage, Page, ND, vice chairman; and Madison Angell, Mocksville, NC, past chairman.

Stoskopf said the NAWG Foundation board and the NAWG board of directors are considering the possibility of reorganizing, so both boards would have the same members. Stoskopf said, "Combining the officers and boards would remove much duplication of efforts. It would be much easier if they were combined." This would better utilize the time of staff, as well as volunteer leaders. I believe it is a win-win situation for everyone involved." Stoskopf said a proposal is expected to be represented at the March board meetings for action. Even after such reorganization, the two organizations would continue to operate as separate entities, with different functions.

The Kansas Association of wheat Growers represents nearly 3,000 members, who have joined forces under the common goal of maximizing members profitability.

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