The Colorado Section of the Society for Range Management (SRM) is soliciting applications for scholarships to support two high school youths in attending Camp Rocky, formerly known as the Youth Conservation Workshop, to be held again this year at the Rocky Mountain Camp, near Divide.

The dates of the workshop will be July 9 to 15.

The Colorado Association of Soil Conservation Districts (CASCD) and the Colorado Section of the SRM, in addition to others, sponsor the workshop. It is open to all high school students, ages 14 to 19 (as of Jan. 1, 2000). The goals of the workshop are to teach youths about natural resource stewardship and prepare them for leadership roles in natural resource conservation.

The total cost of the workshop is $225 per student, with the SRM scholarships providing $200 each toward the recipients lodging, meals and necessary learning supplies for the full week's attendance at the workshop.

Participants will learn about soil and water conservation, rangeland management, wildlife management and forestry. Field classes are held during the day, with seminars and presentations given in the evening. The students are made aware of how all areas of the natural world are interrelated and interdependent. Near the end of the week, the students form integrated groups to inventory and evaluate a specific area of the camp and develop a resource management plan to present to the camp directors.

Recreation is an important part of the workshop, with participation in volleyball, basketball and softball and limited water activities. An enjoyable "run run," with numerous trial stations, is held at the end of the week.

Eligible students interested in applying for these scholarships should prepare a brief narrative (100 words or less) explaining why they would like to participate and how they would benefit from attending the workshop. In addition, students need to include their name, address, telephone number, age (as of Jan. 1, 2000), year in school, a list of hobbies and parents' or guardians name. This information should be sent to the Camp Rocky SRM Scholarship, c/o Ben Berlinger, Youth Activities chairman, 12 Mountview Drive, La Junta, CO 81050.

Further information can be obtained by calling Berlinger, at 719-384-5408. The deadline for receiving all application narratives is June 2.

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