Kansas farmers produced a record 87.36 million bushels of soybeans in 2001, says the Kansas Agricultural Statistics Service.

There were 2.85 million acres planted, down 100,000 acres from a year earlier. Acres harvested for beans, at 2.73 million acres, were 9% higher than 2000. The state average yield was 32 bushels per acre, 12 bushels above a year earlier.

The 2001 crop year started ahead of the five-year average, but a little slower than 2000. Farmers had 19% of the acreage planted by May 6, which was 9 percentage points ahead of the five-year average, but 5 points behind the year earlier. By June 24, 94% of the soybean acres were planted, 91% emerged and 67% of the crop was rated in good to excellent condition.

The condition of the crop remained above 50% good to excellent until the week of Aug. 12, when it slipped to below 50% good to excellent. The crop condition remained above the comparable weeks in 2000, hitting a low of 37% good to excellent.

Harvest progress lagged behind 2000s throughout the season, although it progressed ahead of the five-year average, from early October to completion. Harvest was completed by Nov. 19, whereas it stretched to late-November, in 2000.

Brown County farmers recorded the highest production in 2001, with 4.87 million bushels. The second and third leading counties were Marshall, with 4.05 million bushels, and Doniphan, with 3.17 million bushels.

Marshall County had the largest harvested acreage, at 117,400 acres. Brown County ranked second, with 109,100 acres, followed by Cherokee County, with 100,400 acres.

Meade County had the highest yield in 2001, with an average of 59 bushels per acre. Gray County and Pratt County were second and third, with 58 and 55 bushels per acre, respectively.

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