The south central U.S. direct sheep report for the week ending Oct. 6 totaled 3,800 slaughter lambs, 73,700 feeder lambs, 2,600 slaughter ewes and 1,000 slaughter goats, with no test on replacement ewes, according to the USDA Market News Service, San Angelo, TX.

The report covers Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Kansas.

Compared to last week, slaughter lambs were weak to $2 lower. Trade and demand were moderate. Most sales were on carcass or formula basis.

Slaughter lambs: Texas, 3,000 head, Choice, 2 to 3, shorn, 120 to 145 lbs., 78.00 to mostly 80.00, most sold on carcass or formula basis. Kansas, 800 head, Choice, 2 to 3, shorn, 140 to 145 lbs., 79.75.

Feeder lambs were steady in cleanup-type trade. Trade and demand were moderate. Supplies were limited, because most lambs have traded.

Feeder lambs: Texas, 3,200 head, medium and large frame 1 and 2, 60 to 80 lbs., 90.00 to 93.00; 80 to 90 lbs., 85.00 to 88.00. New Mexico, 70,000 head, medium and large frame 1 and 2, 75 to 85 lbs., 90.00 to 92.00; 500 head, medium and large frame 1 and 2, 70 to 75 lbs., to feedlots under retained ownership.

Slaughter ewes were steady.

Slaughter ewes: Texas, 1,000, head, Utility, 1 and 2, 32.00 to 35.00. New Mexico, 1,600 head, Utility, 1 and 3, 28.00.

No replacement ewes were traded.

Slaughter goats were steady.

Slaughter goats: Kids, 1,000 head, Choice and Prime, 40 to 60 lbs., 80.00 to 85.00. Choice, 40 to 60 lbs., 75.00 to 80.00.

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