Harvest of Iowa's corn and soybeans is nearly complete. Fall tillage and fertilizer applications are progressing, but many producers are waiting for cooler weather before applying anhydrous ammonia according to Iowa Agricultural Statistics Service Oct. 30.

The rains over the past week halted fieldwork for a couple days but improved the soil moisture supplies. Additional rain is still needed across the state.

There were 4.3 days suitable for fieldwork statewide.

Topsoil moisture improved slightly with the week's rainfall to 26% very short, 39% short, 34% adequate, and 1% surplus. Subsoil moisture showed a smaller increase and was rated 46% very short, 35% short, 19% adequate, and no surplus.

Ninety-six percent of the total corn acreage had been harvested for grain or seed, ahead of last year's 92% and the five- year average's 74%. Statewide, soybean acres harvested was virtually complete at 99% harvested, equal to last year's progress by the same date and just ahead of the average of 97%.

Ninety-four percent of the intended wheat acreage had been planted, ahead of the 85% by the same date last year and the five-year average of 88%.

Statewide, fall tillage for the 2001 row crop acreage was 32% complete, compared to the previous year's 33% and the five-year average of 23% complete by October 29. Fall fertilizer application was completed on 24% of the intended 2001 row crop acres, ahead of the previous year of 21% and the average of 19% complete by the same date.

Grain movement across Iowa rated 19% none, 41% light, 35% moderate, and 5% heavy. On-farm grain storage availability for the state remained at 34% short, 64% adequate and 2% surplus. Off-farm availability also showed no change from the previous week at 35% short, 64% adequate and 1% surplus.

Livestock continue to do well with the warm temperatures and fairly dry feedlots, though some producers report pneumonia in calves that are still in pasture. Statewide, use of stubble fields for grazing increased to 31% no grazing, 31% limited, 30% moderate, and 8% extensive. Range and pasture condition rated 23% very poor, 22% poor, 36% fair, 16% good, and 3% excellent.

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