A 249-pound Smithfield, NE, barrow topped the 2000 State Fair Market Swine carcass contest. A North Loup gilt took second.

The champion carcass came from a 249-pound barrow exhibited by Joe Wendell of Smithfield. The hog had a carcass weight of 193 pounds, 0.4 inches backfat, 9.95 inch loineye area, and was 62.17 percent lean. The son of Monte and Cinde Wendell also exhibited the reserve champion Division II crossbred steer at this year's fair.

Rosie Nold, University of Nebraska animal science youth specialist, said a barrow winning the carcass contest is uncommon.

"Gilts tend to be leaner than barrows, usually," Nold said. "It's more typical for gilts to win the carcass contest."

The reserve champion carcass came from a 257-pound gilt exhibited by Nicole Scheideler of North Loup. This hog had a carcass weight of 197 pounds, 0.42 inches backfat, 9.69 inch loineye area, and was 61.47 percent lean. Nicole is the daughter of Marvin and Mary Scheideler.

Swine carcasses are ranked on percent standardized fat-free lean, which is composed of 10th rib fat thickness, loin muscle area, sex and hot carcass weight.

This year's average hot carcass weight was 191 pounds, 0.57 inches of fat at the 10th rib, 7.11 square inches of loin eye area, and had a 54.51 percent lean. Cash premiums were awarded to exhibitors of top-ranking carcasses by Land O'Lakes Feed Co./Harvest States.

The top ten exhibitors in the carcass class included: Carlie Marcoe-Jeffrey, Bennet; Terri Gerlach, Wilber; Cody Gerlach, DeWitt; Nicole Scheideler, North Loup; Laura Linden, Holdrege; Cara Songster, Exeter; Darcy Worman, Culbertson; Shelly Kubicek, Schuyler.

Other swine carcass results are available at the 4-H web site,

The 4-H swine show was Sept. 4. It and the carcass contests are part of the 4-H Youth Development Program, a part of Cooperative Extension in NU's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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