New Holstein and high-protein breeds sire directories are available from Select Sires for dairy producers who are updating their herds' mating programs.

The directories include information from the quarterly sire evaluations calculated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, InterBull and the breed associations.

The 40-page, full-color Holstein directory features the latest production and type data for Select Sires' 95 active-AI sires, as well as 18 Super Sampler bulls whose semen is available through Select's young-sire proving program--the Program for Genetic Advancement (PGA). The details about each active-AI sire include his complete proof and an information block that graphically depicts his linear type data. In addition, the directory contains pictures of daughters sired by industry-leading sires.

The 20-page, full-color high-protein-breeds directory highlights production and type information for 39 active-Al sires and 18 Super Samplers representing the Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Jersey and Milking Shorthorn breeds. Complete proof details and an information block that graphically depicts linear type data are provided for each high-protein sire in Select's active-AI lineup. The directory also features pictures publicizing three new active Al sires.

Producers can contact their Select Sires representative or local cooperative to receive a complimentary Holstein sire directory and high-protein-breeds sire directory.

Based in Plain City, OH, Select Sires Inc. is a federation of 10 farmer-owned and controlled cooperatives. It provides highly fertile semen, as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying livestock breeders with America's best genetics at a reasonable price.

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