The American-International Charolais Association (AICA) has named Jessica and Kevin Moore, M6 Charolais, Alvarado, TX, as the 2001 Seedstock Producers of the Year.

Ranching is a way of life when it comes to producing quality seedstock and the Moores take breeding Charolais cattle very seriously, for it is their only source of income. M6 Charolais has been breeding and keeping performance information on Charolais seedstock and commercial cattle for more than 26 years, in north central Texas.

M6 Charolais runs 130 registered Charolais cows, 70 registered Charolais bred heifers and more than 300 commercial cows. Their program is total artificial insemination and embryo transfer (ET). No clean up bulls are used in their operation. In addition to their own cowherd, the Moores' work cooperatively with two other commercial herds, which are recipients for their extensive ET program. This past year, M6 Charolais has flushed their top 35 females and will have approximately 400 ET calves born in 2001.

M6 Charolais' goal is to give customers more selection and a higher volume of top quality seedstock. They have strived to work with progressive-minded Charolais breeders to help develop and build a better market for their bulls and females. As for the future of M6 Charolais, the Moores plan to increase the performance, fertility, carcass quality and market acceptance of their seedstock, while lowering their per cow operating expenses.

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