"We are committed to adding value to genetics, commercial cattle and ultimately to the retail beef product," says John Burbank, chief executive officer of Seedstock Plus, a full-service beef genetics provider that markets approximately 1,000 bulls each year.

"One of the ways we can add predictability and consistency is with a consistent, quality animal health program," he says.

Burbank is explaining the reason behind Seedstock Plus's recent decision to name Pfizer Animal Health as its exclusive animal health product provider. It is a partnership that Burbank says offers multiple benefits to Seedstock Plus members and customers.

First, Burbank explains Pfizer's comprehensive product line allows Seedstock Plus to use consistent products within the consistent animal health protocol applied to the bulls it develops, at regional testing facilities across the nation. That means breeders have an opportunity to more accurately test the genetic potential of their selection decisions.

Next, Seedstock Plus guarantees competitive bids for all cattle sired by Seedstock Plus bulls. However, the bids are contingent upon calves meeting specific vaccination and weaning requirements. While Seedstock Plus won't require commercial producers to use Pfizer Animal Health products, they strongly recommend it, again, for the sake of consistency.

"It is the right thing to do by the industry, and it also means producers have a crack at higher bids," says Burbank. He explains a growing number of feedlots and coordinated production and marketing systems are making weaning and preconditioning programs a standard in their procurement processes.

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