All of the major row crops are developing ahead of normal according to the Missouri Agricultural Statistics Service Aug. 11.

Crop conditions continue to be rated as mostly good.

Topsoil moisture supply is rated as 7% very short, 32% short, 60% adequate and 1% surplus, down slightly from a week earlier. Areas with the driest conditions include the northwest, southwest and southeast districts, all with moisture ratings greater than 50% short or very short. An average of 5.6 days were suitable for fieldwork.

Ninety-four percent of the soybean crop is blooming or beyond and 75% are podding. Development is a week ahead of last year by this date and two weeks ahead of the five-year average.

Soybean condition is rated as 1% very poor, 4% poor, 22% fair, 55% good and 18% excellent, about the same as last week. The corn crop is 89% in the dough stage or beyond and 64% denting, about a week ahead of last year and nearly two weeks ahead of normal.

Percent of the crop denting ranges from 46% in the northeast to 86% in the southeast. Seventeen percent of the corn is mature, with the southeast leading the state at 52% mature.

Corn condition is 2% poor, 16% fair, 58% good and 24% excellent, a slight improvement from a week ago.

Cotton condition is rated as 4% poor, 34% fair, 56% good and 6% excellent. Three percent of the cotton has begun opening bolls, slightly behind the 5% normal.

Ninety-two percent of the sorghum crop is headed and 39% is coloring, about 10 days ahead of both last year and normal. Condition of sorghum is 3% poor, 15% fair, 62% good and 20% excellent.

Sixty-eight percent of the third crop alfalfa has been cut, six days ahead of a year earlier and nine days ahead of normal.

Pasture is rated as 3% very poor, 16% poor, 37% fair, 39% good and 5% excellent, a minor decline from last week. Pastures were rated mostly fair to good in all areas, except the southeast where 57% are in poor condition.

Temperatures averaged from one to eight degrees above average. Weekly rainfall averaged 0.86 inch, ranging from virtually none in the southern third of the state to 1.79 inches in the northeast district.

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