The Nebraska Wheat Growers Association held its 47th annual convention, in North Platte.

There was a series of three resolutions meetings, where members discussed new policies that should be put in place by the NWGA. Resolution topics included: state affairs, crop insurance, transportation, marketing, energy and environment, conservation, farm programs, membership, crop protection and taxes.

The resolutions set the policies that will be pursued by the NWGA in 2001. New resolutions that where voted on by the membership were as follows:

--Farm programs: The NWGA supports a voluntary flexible fallow program to allow an increase to a loan level by a percentage level of acreage reduction. All other counter cyclical payments must be continued. The NWGA also supports an Agriculture Market Transition Act payment level no less than the 1999 level.

--Crop insurance: The NWGA supports changing late planting dates for wheat to a 1% a day penalty. The NWGA also supports necessary changes to federal crop policy allowing summerfallow and continuous crop insurable wheat within the same insurable unit to be classified as separate units, when a loss occurs on either unit and loss calculation should not be co-mingled.

--Tax resolutions: The NWGA is in favor of eliminating inheritance tax, providing stepped up basis is retained. The NWGA also opposes sales tax on services.

--Transportation; The NWGA supports legislation proposed by the Nebraska Chapter of U.S. Custom Harvesters Association to address the safe, efficient and timely movement of harvesting equipment during harvest seasons regarding Nebraska length and width laws.

The Nebraska Wheat Growers Association is a grass roots non-profit organization which works to achieve solutions and arrive at proper decisions necessary for a sound wheat economy.

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