Reinke, manufacturer of mechanized irrigation systems, has established an elite group of dealers, known as the Reinke Dealer Council, to serve as a liaison between the company and its 150 dealers across the country.

"The Reinke Dealer Council creates a venue that encourages more open communication and allows for comprehensive feedback," said Tim Goldhammer, Reinke vice president of marketing. "It is a way for dealers to tell us how we can better help them sell product and increase profitability. The council also gives us and the dealers an opportunity to prioritize issues and bounce new ideas around."

The council, made up of nine dealers and seven Reinke employees, gathered for the first of two annual meetings, in Fort Worth, TX, to define the council's mission--to foster a closer relationship between dealers and the company, increasing market share and profitability for each group.

"This first meeting was very productive and well managed," said Bill Hardy, a member of the council and owner of Hardy Sales and Service, Inc., a Reinke dealership in Blytheville, AR. "It opened channels between the manufacturer and dealers to be able to better communicate and exchange insights."

Specifically, the group identified key issues for discussion, including dealer training, machine improvements, the Reinke Pride program and new products.

Council representatives will discuss these and other key issues with dealers, in their territory, to keep them better informed and to determine key issues for the next meeting, in San Diego.

Also, the group discussed Reinke's latest marketing initiatives led by Maverick Advertising and Public Relations, in Fort Worth.

Nine dealers, one dealer from each territory, were elected by fellow dealers to serve on the council. Four dealers will serve two-year terms and five will serve three-year terms. No dealer can serve more than two terms.

Reinke Dealer Council members include Ken Koop, Rain for Rent, in Bakersfield, CA, southwest territory; Brad Streeper, Rain for Rent, in Idaho Falls, ID, northwest territory; Hoyt Glasscock, Earth Reinke Services, in Earth, TX, south central territory; Ed Watson, Watson Irrigation Specialists, in Townsend, MT, northwest central territory; Ed Heim, Hoxie Implement Company, Inc., Hoxie, KS, west central territory; Dan Bauer, Kimmes-Bauer, Inc., Hastings, MN, north central territory; Lamar Schmidt, Holdrege Irrigation, Inc., Holdrege, NE, central territory; Bill Hardy, Hardy Sales and Service, Inc., Blytheville, AR, east central territory; and Jerry Smith, Palmetto Irrigation, in Denmark, SC, southeast territory.

Reinke employees on the council include: Ron Schart, chief executive officer; Bob Friehe, president; Tim Goldhammer; John Davis, vice president of engineering; Chris Roth, vice president of accounting; Mark Mesloh, director of domestic irrigation; and Jim Benz, consultant.

Reinke Manufacturing, Inc., founded in 1954, one of the world's oldest and largest manufacturers of center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems.

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