Kansas City, MO--The American Hereford Association (AHA) recently released the 2001 Dams of Distinction list and Rausch Herefords, Hoven, SD, and South Dakota prevailed as the top breeder and state respectively.

The Hereford Dams of Distinction are those cows to which all others are compared to. The ideal dam produces a healthy calf every year, after calving first as a two-year-old, and has a good temperment.

The Dams of Distinction are the most efficient cows of the breed. These females have weaned a calf born since Jan. 1, 2000; produced at least three calves; initially calved at 30 months of age or less; and had an interval between the first and second calves of no greater than 400 days. In addition, a 370-day calving interval must have been maintained after her second calf. Furthermore, every calf produced and born before June 30, 2001, must have weaning records submitted to the AHA's Whole Herd Total Performance Record (TPR) system. The last trait for the cow to meet is to post a progeny average 205-day adjusted weaning weight ratio of at least 105.

It is not only the cows duty to perform to her potential, but also the job of her owner to correctly manage the herd she is in for her to excel. The following 2001 Dams of Distinction list is compiled from 517 Hereford performance herds from 43 different states listing 1,619 Hereford cows.

Along with Rausch Herefords, Mrnak Herefords, Bowman, ND; Donald Dubois, Wolsey, SD; Wiese and Sons, Manning, IA; Larry and Carol Gildemaster, Virgil, SD; Courtney Herefords, Alzada, MT; Imig Herefords, Lakeside, NE; Leo and Jean Journagan, Springfield, MO; Upstream Ranch, Taylor, NE; and Felton Hereford Ranch, Maryville, MO, complete the top 10 breeders.

Following South Dakota in the top ten states with Dams of Distinction are Nebraska, Montana, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Idaho and Texas.

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