Pratt Community College is dedicated to meeting the needs of students who are seeking higher education opportunities in south central Kansas. While PCC offers numerous two-year degrees and occupational certificates, PCC also is dedicated to providing advanced degree opportunities to students through collaborations with universities, including Fort Hays State University (FHSU).

PCC and FHSU are proud to offer collaborative courses to provide students with advanced degree options. In addition to bachelor's degree options, FHSU also offers master's degree options at PCC.

During the fall 2001 semester, FHSU began offering graduate level courses in Counseling and Educational Administration at PCC. FHSU continues to offer these courses, either face-to-face or via ITV, throughout the year, including the summer semester.

At the request of students, FHSU began to offer courses leading to a bachelor's degree in elementary education at PCC during the spring 2003 semester. FHSU's elementary education degree completion courses are non-restrictive, so students who have not yet been formally accepted to FHSU's teacher education program still may complete the courses. The courses, however, are required once students are formally accepted to the program.

Beginning in the fall 2003 semester, FHSU began offering yet another bachelor's degree completion program at PCC. Students may choose from one of three degree-track options to earn a Bachelor of Science in Technology Leadership from FHSU at PCC.

FHSU's Bachelor of Science in Technology Leadership Degree is available with an emphasis in Automotive Technology. Students who are eligible to complete this emphasis are students who have earned an Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Technology.

In addition, FHSU's Bachelor of Science in Technology Leadership Degree is available for students who have completed a two-year associate's degree in a differing technical area, including Electrical Power Technology, Agriculture Power Technology, business, agriculture, and additional areas.

FHSU's third option for earning a Bachelor of Science in Technology Leadership Degree at PCC is an integrated program for incoming freshmen. Students will have the opportunity to complete a two-year associate's degree in Automotive Technology at PCC and then earn a bachelor's degree from FHSU, while remaining at PCC. Those who choose this degree option will have the opportunity to complete a bachelor's degree in four years.

See Pratt Community College at the 3i Show, booth I-045.

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