Merial, Duluth, Ga., announces that IGENITY TenderGENE is now the beef industry's most powerful and comprehensive tool for predicting tenderness potential in all breed types of cattle, including Bos indicus.

"In the past there were few options to control and guarantee tenderness and we know according to the National Beef Quality Audit that inadequate tenderness is one of the top three quality challenges facing the beef industry today," says Dr. Jim Gibb, senior manager, beef segment development for MERIALĀ® IGENITY. "Now with IGENITY TenderGENE, we have a powerful, proven and accurate tool--valuable for all breed types, including Bos indicus cattle--to select specifically for tenderness." The new IGENITY TenderGENE profile analyzes multiple DNA markers associated with both calpain and calpastatin genes--all with a proven effect on Warner-Bratzler Shear Force (WBSF), the most common method of measuring beef tenderness.

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