Two of Merial's broad-spectrum parasite control products, IVOMEC EPRINEX (eprinomectin) Pour-On for Beef and Dairy Cattle, and IVOMEC (ivermectin) Pour-On for Cattle, are available in convenient 20-liter containers.

The new size allows producers to treat up to 400 beef cows or 300 dairy cows with one container.

"A 20-liter container gives producers a convenient way to treat for internal and external parasites," says Gene Westling, product manager for Merial. "Our new 20-liter container is equipped with a draw-off tube and vent cap for easier use and has a 10-foot hose ideal for chute-side application. Both products still are available in 250-milliliter, one liter, 2.5-liter and 5-liter bottles. All containers are designed for use with an automatic dosing applicator that attaches to the container for fast, easy application."

Parasites can have a considerable impact on the productivity of cattle by reducing weight gain, reproductive efficiency and milk production. External parasites also can cause cattle to rub or scratch, which can damage the hide.

IVOMEC EPRINEX Pour-On is the broadest-spectrum parasite control product available, and has been shown to be more than 99% effective against 11 economically damaging internal parasites. This unique product has no milk or meat withdrawal and is proven effective when applied to wet cattle.

IVOMEC Pour-On controls a broad spectrum of parasites, including gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms and lice. Merial offers producers a flexible season-long, lice-free satisfaction guarantee to accompany fall and winter treatment with IVOMEC Pour-On.

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