LONDON (AP)--Five Greenpeace activists who boarded a ship in an effort to prevent it from unloading a cargo of genetically modified soybeans were arrested Feb. 26.

North Wales police said they arrested three men and two women who had boarded the bulk carrier Iolcos Grace off the north coast of Wales Feb. 25.

A spokeswoman for Cargill, Inc. confirmed the cargo contained a mixture of conventional and genetically modified soybeans from the United States.

"Obviously we are disappointed that this action has ended but our campaign against (genetically modified foods) will continue," said Greenpeace spokesman Charles Kronick.

Geraldine O'Shea, a spokeswoman for Cargill U.K., confirmed that the company had chartered the Ioclos Grace. The cargo was a mixture of genetically modified and conventionally produced soybeans, she said.

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