EXTON, PA-- Pfizer Animal Health, maker of Dectomax, Bovi-Shield and One Shot Ultra, announces the continuation of its Beef Friendly Initiative and Beef Quality Ambassador program.

The Ambassador team of practicing and consulting veterinarians and beef industry experts developed a strategy to educate producers about Beef Friendly health management practices in feedlots, cow-calf and dairy operations. While serving as public advocates for BQA issues, the Ambassadors speak with cattle producers, veterinary groups and university students to increase awareness of proper handling and care of cattle, and how these practices can reduce the risk of quality defects in beef.

"Pfizer Animal Health is dedicated to improving consumer demand for beef through a dual program of product development and producer education," says Mike Schnably, Director of Marketing, Cattle. "We are seeking alternative delivery systems for new products, and where appropriate, changing our current product labels to more strongly recommend subcutaneous injection of products and injection in the neck region. Due to the overwhelming producer response in 1999, we will continue to sponsor the Ambassador program and Beef Friendly materials in 2000."

Schnably added, "These veterinary professionals commit a significant amount of time and expertise to help us tell this important story throughout the US. We've selected both beef cattle and dairy veterinarians to reinforce the message that every cattle producer is in the business of producing meat--and that we all have an obligation to produce a product that is wholesome, safe and appealing to the consumer. The response to our educational program coincides with industry reports of greater producer involvement in beef quality issues."

Veterinarians continuing as BQA Ambassadors in 2000 include: Dr. Cary Bielamowicz, Groesbeck, TX; Dr. J.L. Cole, Tompkinsville, KY; Dr. Bob Darlington, Snohomish, WA; Dr. John Day, Jerome, ID; Dr. Al Edwards, Manhattan, KS; Dr. Douglas Hilbig, Lakin, KS; Dr. Bruce Lancaster, Idaho Falls, ID; Dr. John Mayer, Omaha, NE; Dr. Hal Phillips, Morriston, FL; Dr. Clay Reynolds, Dadeville, AL; Dr. Dave Sjeklocha, Greeley, CO; Dr. Mel Wenger, Orrville, OH; and Dr. Richard Wiley, Wooster, OH.

BQA Ambassadors can be contacted through any local Pfizer Animal Health representative.

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