New Mexico

The New Mexico Department of Agriculture has confirmed the presence of pecan weevil (Curculio caryae) in the Mesilla Valley, at Vado.

Suspect pecans were found in an orchard, in the southern part of Dona Ana County, at the end of November. Pecans from the orchard were officially identified to be infested with pecan weevil by the state entomologist.

"As soon as we received official confirmation, New Mexico State University and staff from the College of Agriculture and Cooperative Extension Service began performing delimiting surveys of the orchard," Frank A. DuBois, NMDA director-secretry, said. NMDA has surveyed a pecan cleaning plant associated with the infested orchard and surveyed neighboring orchards for infestation.

"The orchard owner has fully cooperated with our survey work and has signed an NMDA compliance agreement to harvest and clean the pecans from the infested orchard," DuBois said. Once the pecans are cleaned, all pecan nuts harvested from the orchard and associated trash will be isolated and treated by storing in a cold storage chamber at minus five degrees Fahrenheit for 168 hours, DuBois said.

NMDA urges all New Mexicans to be on the lookout for pecans with grubs inside or with suspect holes in the shells. Contact the county Extension agent or NMDA, at 505-646-3207, concerning pecans with these symptoms or producers that harvest pecans that have these signs.

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