The rapidly growing Internet marketplace now offers Kansas cattle producers an on-line sale barn.

CattleSale.com, the leading on-line livestock marketer, is bringing the advantages and convenience of e-commerce to the ranch. Since the launch of its daily market page in August, CattleSale.com has sold over $15 million of cattle.

Based in Boise, ID, CattleSale.com offers Kansas producers increased market exposure, an extended marketing window and open bid pricing--all at a lower cost than any other marketing service. Additionally, CattleSale.com offers a personal approach to business through its nationwide network of local field agents. Comprised of some of the most well-respected professional cattle marketers and traders in the nation, field agents coordinate all of the details from first contact to loading the last truck. All a producer needs is cattle and CattleSale.com will handle the rest. To date, more than 30,000 head of cattle have been sold using CattleSale.com's daily market, "The Country Page."

Interested producers are put into contact with a regional field agent. If a producer elects to consign, the agent visits their ranch to take photos and collect detailed biographical information. The data and photos are then posted in the on-line catalog and are available for review 24 hours a day. The seller lists an asking price and buyers have the option of accepting the price or placing a bid. Sellers then have the option of accepting the bid or adjusting their asking price. A transaction is complete whenever one party accepts the other's offer. All buyers are pre-screened and approved. All sales are confirmed with an e-mail, followed by a written contract. Field agents coordinate and are present at shipping, CattleSale.com makes payment to seller and handles collecting funds from the buyer.

For more information, visit http://www.cattlesale.com.

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