Depth-to-water measurements made by the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District No. 1 indicate an average decline of 1.14 feet in the groundwater level of the Ogallala Aquifer within the water district's 6.8 million acre service area in 2000.

The 2000 average annual decline of 1.14 feet is 0.46 foot more than that recorded for 1999 (-0.68 foot).

Depth-to-water measurements made during the early months of 2001, in a network of 1,215 privately-owned observation wells, were compared to measurements made in the same network of wells during the similar period of 2000 to determine the change in groundwater levels which occurred during the year.

Two counties had water level rises of less than one foot during 2000. They are Randall County, with a 0.70 foot increase, and Armstrong County, with a 0.12 foot increase.

Nine counties had water level declines of more than one foot during 2000. They are Hale County, -2.14 feet; Castro County, -2.01 feet; Potter County, -1.91 feet; Parmer County, -1.88 feet; Lamb County, -1.48 feet; Cochran County, -1.34 feet; Lynn County, -1.23 feet; Crosby County, -1.15 feet; and Hockley County, -1.01 feet.

Four counties had water level declines of less than one foot during 2000. They are Bailey County, -0.96 foot; Floyd County, -0.74 foot; Lubbock County, -0.67 foot; and Deaf Smith County, -0.22 foot.

Maps showing the location and well number of observation wells, in each county or portion of a county soon will be published in The Cross Section. This issue includes tables listing observation wells in each county within the district and the water levels at one year, five-year and 10-year intervals.

Copies of the Cross Section are available by contacting the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District No. 1,2930 Ave. Q, Lubbock, TX 79405-1499, or by calling (806) 762-0181. The water district's Website is http://www.hpwd.com.

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