Oklahoma Farm Bureau leaders want to take a second look at the federal renewable fuels standard, which calls for the increased use of biofuels. The farm organization has supported the RFS since it was passed as part of the energy bill last year, but livestock producers are concerned it has made livestock feed more expensive.

Meeting in Oklahoma City Oct. 21 and 22, the Farm Bureau Resolutions Committee poured over more than 900 resolutions proposed by the 77 county Farm Bureaus. The committee includes farmers and ranchers from across Oklahoma.

"Increased demand for biofuels has forced livestock producers to compete with the energy sector for grain," said Mike Spradling, OFB president. "Livestock producers are concerned their tax dollars are being used to indirectly increase feed prices."

The Farm Bureau president said this is not a battle between livestock and grain producers.

"We want all producers to prosper and be able to take advantage of higher commodity prices," Spradling said.

In addition to the RFS, other issues attracting attention included increased funding for rural roads and bridges, elimination of property tax increases, support for stronger right to farm laws in Oklahoma and support for wind energy as a renewable fuel source. Committee members also studied a resolution to keep pressure on the federal transportation department to make truck weights more uniform between states. Currently this is the main priority issue for the American Farm Bureau.

These proposed resolutions will be presented to voting delegates during the annual OFB convention Nov. 14 to 16 in Oklahoma City.

"This is truly a grass-roots policy development process," Spradling said. "Any member in the state has the opportunity to propose a resolution."

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