Winners of the fourth annual No-Till Innovator Awards, sponsored by Zeneca Ag Products and No-Till Farmer, were honored at the National No-Tillage Conference.

The No-Till Innovators share a common goal: to take no-till into the new millennium. The 1999 winners are preparing for the future by passing the science on to others.

The No-Till Innovators were selected based on their contributions to the advancement of no-till farming. They were selected regardless of the type of crop grown, brand of equipment or crop protection products used. The winners this year include:

The members of Conservation Action Project (CAP) were honored for advancing no-till farming, in Defiance, OH. The group started in 1988 to improve water quality in Lake Erie and continues to serve farmers in seven counties. CAP has been instrumental in expanding no-till throughout northwestern Ohio by linking farmers, ag suppliers and government agencies together. No-till acreage in the area has increased 45% since the group was established.

Doug Harford, Mazon, IL, farms 1,500 acres of no-till corn and soybeans with his wife, Debby, and four children. He has used grid soil sampling to document the changes in soil quality on his farm due to no-till. Over 10 to 15 years, no-till has increased cation exchange capacity, organic matter and soil tilth. He has given over 400 presentations on no-till, precision farming and long-range planning.

Dwayne Beck, manager of the Dakota Lakes Research Farm, in Pierre, SD, conveys complex agronomic principles in simple terms. He has been a leader in developing the no-till systems approach and promoting no-till on irrigated land to reduce runoff. Beck operates the combine and seeder on the farm, believing he can't fully understand farmer's problems unless he faces the same challenges.

Jon Kinzenbaw, Williamsburg, IA, transformed a fabricating shop to the No. 2 planter company worldwide . As owner of Kinze Manufacturing, he has helped no-tillers across the globe by developing toolbars, planters and attachments geared toward no-till conditions.

In four short years, no-till acreage around Morganfield, KY, has jumped from 50 to 80% of the total acreage. Crop production Services contributed to the advancement of no-till in the area. Crop consultant Jeremiah Jones works one-on-one with farmers offering recommendations on site selection, rotations, equipment, varieties, weed control and insect and rodent control to improve the environment and increase farmers' profits.

Ed Winkle combines his vocational agriculture teaching experience with a practical approach to help farmers with no-till farming. He and his sons, Matt and Mark, operate HyMark Consulting, near Blanchester, OH. Throughout his 28-year career, Winkle has helped farmers and students start no-tilling.

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