LA FARGE, WI--No longer content to have other voices speak on their behalf, the more than 400 organic farmers of Organic Valley, the nation's largest cooperative of organic farms, recently announced the publication of ROOTSTOCK, the nation's first publication dedicated solely to the organic revolution.

"Just as a piece of root is taken from the mother plant to nurture new life, this journal is being published to empower all those who are friends of the organic farmer," said ROOTSTOCK editor Theresa Marquez. One of the country's foremost authorities on organics, Marquez is a member of the Board of the Organic Trade Association, the business association representing the organic industry throughout North America.

Breaking news from the frontlines of the organic movement is featured in each issue. In the Fall/Winter 2001 edition, nationally renowned sustainable agriculture advocate Jim Hightower announces his "Rolling Thunder Chautauqua Tour."

A traveling town meeting/festival designed to generate a spirit of active community throughout the country, the Chautauqua format was first popularized at the turn of the century. Declares Hightower: "The Chautauqua is the most American thing in America."

An article by a member of The Chef's Collaborative, together with an original recipe, also graces each issue. The current edition highlights award winning Chef Ann Cooper who pens a discussion about her decision to trade in life as a "celebrity chef" to be a "lunch lady" at a small school committed to sustainability.

"When we shop for food, we cast a vote for the future of our planet," counsels Cooper. "Take stock of your pantry and start making changes as soon as possible so that we might have a food supply that is sustainable for generations to come."

Also in this issue are:

--"Page's Page", a kid's section edited by Page, an 15-year old who lives on her family's organic dairy farm in Vermont.

--"Portraits of Agricultural Courage", photos of the organic revolution by photographer Carrie Branovan.

--The challenge of a sick cow named Sally, by Wisconsin Organic Dairy Farmer, Jean Anhalt.

--A celebration of the prairie farm wetland and instructions for building a wild bird feeder by Dan Hazlett, a naturalist, writer and illustrator who lives "off the grid" with Mother Nature.

--An in-depth look at how cheap food is impacting America by Joe Pedretti, a journalist who was raised on a farm in Southwestern Wisconsin.

--A look at the hidden life of recycling by Theresa Marquez, a life-long organics activist.

--The Sioux City Milk War, the last of the local farmer strikes, by Verlyn Klinkenborg, courtesy of Mother Jones, 2001.

--And more: Praise for "Eating It", the Tony Award-winning San Francisco Mime Troupe's musical satire about genetic modification; reviews of books about Henry David Thoreau, farming, and the history of food; and news of National Public Radio's new series on the Bioneers.

Free to Interested Retailers and Consumers.

Beautifully produced using four-color biodegradable inks and recycled, oversized newsprint, ROOTSTOCK comes in an easy-to-read, 29-page, 11" x 16.5" tabloid format. A $1.75 value, it is given away free. Retailers who are interested in distributing the publication to their customers as an educational service may receive copies and display boxes at no charge by filling in the request form at the "What's New?" section of the Organic Valley web site ( Consumers can order single copies from "What's New?"

ROOTSTOCK's mission is to foster a strong connection between rural organic farm families and urban dwelling neighbors. It seeks to revitalize the proud heritage of family farming, support sustainable agriculture and encourage stewardship of the Earth. ROOTSTOCK is published twice yearly by Organic Valley, the nation's largest cooperative owned and operated by organic family farmers.

Founded in 1988, Organic Valley's more than 400 family farms in 15 states produce high quality, strictly certified organic foods, including milk, cheese, butter, spreads, creams, eggs, produce, juice and meats. Under the direction of its CEO and Founder George Siemon, Organic Valley is steadfastly committed to its original mission, to preserve the environment, family farming and rural communities. For further information, contact Organic Valley, 507 West Main Street, La Farge WI 54639, 608-625-2602, or visit

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