New Haven Angus, Leavenworth, has earned the American Angus Association's Historic Angus Herd Award, which recognizes members who have been in the continuous production of registered Angus cattle by the same individual or family for 50 years or more. The herd is owned by Bill and Loris New and their family.

The New Haven Angus herd was established in 1954 by Bill New with cattle that were purchased from registered Angus breeders in the Leavenworth and Lawrence areas. Before that time, Angus bulls were used on Holstein cows in the farm's dairy herd.

Participation in the American Angus Association's Angus Herd Improvement Records (AHIR) program and the use of artificial insemination (AI) allowed the herd to progress. Other technologies have been implemented through the years to continue to improve quality.

The New family was also involved in junior Angus programs with all four children, Jilinda, Shawna, Damon and Brandon, actively participating in activities on the state and national levels. The children are all involved in the operation today and have their own cattle in the herd.

A certificate commemorating this honor has been presented to the New family on behalf of the American Angus Association.

The American Angus Association is the world's largest beef breed organization, providing programs and services to thousands of commercial producers and more than 34,000 regular and junior members nationwide. Its headquarters are in St. Joseph, Mo. For more information go to www.angus.org.

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