Canola growers now have even more choices when selecting canola varieties to help meet their weed control challenges.

Three new canola varieties will be available from Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., for the 2000 growing season. Two are herbicide-resistant varieties.

"Farmers no longer make their seed decisions independent of their production needs," says Jim Atkinson, Pioneer's canola and sunflower product manager. "Because we understand that seed is selected with the production system in mind, Pioneer is introducing three new canola products--one for each herbicide system--into our 2000 lineup."

New Pioneer brand products include a new canola variety with the CLEARFIELD trait, a new variety with the Roundup Ready gene and one new conventional variety. All three are medium-maturity varieties.

Pioneer variety 46A76 contains the CLEARFIELD trait, which provides tolerance to imidazolinone herbicide. In addition to allowing growers to benefit from broad-spectrum weed control, 46A76 has outstanding yield potential and oil content. It also has excellent blackleg tolerance and standability. Pioneer is the exclusive U.S. marketer of canola with the CLEARFIELD Production System.

Because it contains the Roundup Ready gene, Pioneer variety 46A52 allows growers to combat tough weed problems using Roundup Ultra herbicide. This variety features superior yield, good oil content, impressive standability and strong blackleg tolerance, in addition to low green seed count. However, it is important for growers to note the grain export approval is pending for this genetically enhanced product in the European Union.

Pioneer variety 45A03 is a high-yielding companion for 46A65. Its attractive features include excellent blackleg tolerance, short stature and strong standability. In addition, it offers low green seed count and superior oil content.

"Pioneer offers choices and options to meet growers' needs," Atkinson says. "With these three new options in canola varieties, growers can select the variety and the herbicide system that best matches their weed pressure and crop rotation needs. We work with customers to consider the total genetic package, so they can increase their yields and add more value to their bottom line."

For more information about Pioneer brand canola, growers should contact their local provider of Pioneer products.

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