(UPI)--Neogen Corp. of Lansing, MI, has devised an inexpensive test that is meant to detect the presence of StarLink corn, a genetically-altered type that has not been approved for human consumption.

The new Agri-Screen for Cry9C Strip Test is in a dipstick format, and requires water and about 10 minutes to detect as little as 1 kernel of StarLink corn from among 800 kernels.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's grain inspection, packers and stockyards administration has verified the legitimacy of the test.

StarLink has been a concern in recent months after it was learned that some of the genetically altered corn has managed to get into food products such as corn chips and pre-manufactured tortilla shells. It is a type of corn that gives off a toxin meant to prevent insects from damaging the crop, and has only been approved for use as animal feed.

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