Sales were confirmed on 1,800 head in Nebraska feedlots Au. 8, compared to 13,000 head last week and 3,400 head last year, according to the USDA Market News Service, Kearney, NE.

Slaughter steer and heifer prices were not well tested, but few sales were fully steady with last Thursday. Buyer inquiry was quite good. Seller interest was modest. Live basis sales, equivalent 3% shrink delivered and FOB, some FOB 4% shrink. Dressed basis delivered.

Slaughter steers: Select and Choice 2 and 3, 1250 to 1375 lbs., 102.00 to 102.50, two loads 103.00. ( weighted average 102.28 ).

Slaughter heifers: Select and Choice 2 and 3, 1200 lbs., load 64.00.

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