Corn for grain in Nebraska for the 2000 crop totaled 1.01 billion bushels says the Nebraska Agricultural Statistics Service.

This is down 12% from last year, and 18% below the record high set in 1998. Yield, at 126 bushels per acre, was down 13 bushels from last year, 19 bushels below the 1998 record and one bushel above the November forecast. Acreage planted was increased to 8.5 million, 1% below 1999, while acreage harvested for grain was unchanged at 8.05 million acres, 3% below a year ago.

Irrigated corn production totaled 744.5 million bushels, 3% less than last year. Yield averaged 155.1 bushels per acre, down 4.3 bushels from last year and the lowest since 1997. Irrigated acres harvested for grain totaled 4.8 million, unchanged from last year, but 50,000 higher than the November forecast.

Dryland corn production totaled a 269.8 million bushels, 31% below last year. Yield, at 83 bushels per acre, was 28 bushels below a year earlier and the lowest since 1995. Non-irrigated acres harvested for grain totaled 3.25 million, down 7% from last year and 50,000 acres below the November forecast.

Soybean production totaled 173.9 million bushels, the second highest on record. This is down 4% from last year's record high production, but 5% above 1998. Yield averaged 38 bushels per acre, down 4.5 bushels from last year, but up one bushel from the November forecast. Planted acres, at 4.65 million acres, was 50,000 acres lower than the November, up 8% or 350,000 acres from a year ago. Harvested acreage at 4.575 million acres, was up 325,000 acres from last year.

Sorghum for grain totaled 35 million bushels, 18% below 1999 and 38% below 1998's production. Yield, at 70 bushels per acre, was 21 bushels below 1999. Acreage harvested for grain, at 500,000 acres, was 6% above last year.

Hay production totaled 6.06 million tons, down 21% from last year. Acreage harvested, at 3.05 million acres, was down 150,000 acres from 1999, and yield, at 1.99 tons per acre, was down .41 ton from last year.

Potato production of 10.1 million cwt. was 4% less than last year. Harvested acreage was down 1,000 acres from 1999, with yield at a record high 410 cwt. per acre, up 1 cwt. from the previous year.

Sunflower production totaled 64.8 million pounds, down 44% from last year. Area harvested totaled 80,000 acres, down 18% from last year, while yield averaged 810 pounds per acre, down 385 pounds from 1999. Oilseed varieties accounted for 42.1 million pounds and non-oilseed varieties 22.6 million pounds.

Dry edible bean production totaled 3.23 million cwt., down 14% from last year. Planted acreage, at 165,000, was down 45,000 acres from 1999 and acreage harvested, at 156,000, was down 31,000 acres from last year. Yield, at a record high 2,070 pounds per acre was yo 70 pounds from last year.

Sugar beet production totaled 1.11 million tons, down 12% from last year. Harvested acreage, at 55,200, was down 17%, while yield, at 20.1 tons per acre, was up 1.1 tons per acre from 1999.

Proso millet production was 2.43 million bushels, from 135,000 acres harvested. Yield averaged 18 bushels per acre, down sharply from the 33 bushels per acre produced in 1999.

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