The Nebraska Bull Evaluation Station conducted its 120-day weights and open house for the 1999-2000 bull test March 2. This test is conducted at the Paulsen Farms east of Callaway. This year's test is the 37th year of conducting bull evaluations for consigning members of the non-profit association. A total of 102 bulls, from five breeds, were tested, from 27 breeders from Nebraska, as well as Iowa, Colorado and North Dakota.

The high average daily gain (ADG) Angus bull was bred by Hawley Angus, North Loup. This son of TR Glens Mr T 466 posted an ADG of 5.35, indexing 135. This calf also was the high weight per day of age bull, with a WDA of 3.89 and a ratio of 122. This bull also was a member of the top indexing sire group, sired by TR Glens Mr T 466, with a combined ADG of 4.69, with a ratio of 118, and a WDA of 3.70, with a ratio of 116. There were 86 Angus bulls on test including 24 calving ease Angus.

In the Angus calving ease category, the top ADG indexing bull was bred by Fries Angus, Dannebrog. This son of Bon View EXT 473 recorded an ADG of 5.22, with a ratio of 130. The high WDA calving ease Angus was consigned by Trout Angus, Filley. This son of Stepladder 1483 504 had a WDA of 3.46, with a ratio of 111.

The top ADG Simmental bull came from the consignment of J Bar T Cattle, Juniata. This son of FF Cornhusker C184 posted a ADG of 4.23, with a ratio of 118. The top WDA Simmental was bred by Running K Simmentals, Geneva. This son of Preferred Stock had a WDA of 3.88, with a ratio of 111. There were five Simmentals tested.

The high ADG South Devon bull was from the consignment of Burgess Ranches, Eckert, CO. This son of SLF Duke 4035D recorded a ADG of 4.44, with a ratio of 124. This same calf also was the top WDA bull , with a WDA of 3.44, and a ratio of 111. There were five South Devons on test.

The high ADG Charolais bull was consigned by Eickhoff Farm, Verdon. This son of BC Cadet 7117 had an ADG of 4.17, with a ratio of 108. A son of SF Unlimited 3083 recorded the top WDA of 3.18 and a ratio of 102 for Eickhoff Farm. There were four Charolais bulls tested. There also were two Red Angus bulls tested from Eichkoff Farm.

The top end of the bulls will be sold March 31, at Broken Bow. For more information about the test or sale, contact manager Mick Phillips, at 308-764-2378.

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