Making the World Trade Organization (WTO) work for the U.S. agriculture industry is the focus of an advertisement that ran in three Washington, DC, publications widely read by policymakers, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) said.

The advertisement urges lawmakers to support carousel retaliation. This year is critical for trade, and global trade can work when all countries abide by fair trade rules, the ad said.

Urging Congress to pass carousel retaliation remains a top NCBA goal. If carousel is implemented, retaliation would periodically shift the 100% tariff on imported goods between member countries. This type of retaliation is geared toward keeping the EU off guard and pushing it to negotiate or settle the trade dispute.

NCBA as part of a larger agriculture coalition supported the advertisements, which ran the last week of January, in politically oriented publications.

"Since November, Europe's illegal banana and beef practices cost U.S. agriculture and business another $60 million in damages" is one of the ads messages.

Although the WTO has ruled that the EU beef ban is illegal, and scientific data has underscored that beef from cattle raised with growth promotants is safe, the EU continues its ban on U.S. beef.

U.S. Trade Representative Charlene Barshefsky said, before the House Ways and Means trade subcommittee, that the Administration is considering rotating retaliatory duties on another set of European goods.

Barshefsky told committee members that she has asked an Administration interagency panel to examine two things: Whether changing the retaliation list could negatively affect negotiations with the European Union, and what impact a change would have on U.S. consumers and businesses.

The Senate, toward the end of the last session, approved a broad trade bill that included carousel retaliation language. While the interagency panel weighs the effects of rotating duties, NCBA will continue to urge Congress to address carousel retaliation through legislation.

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