In testimony before the House Agricualture Committee Dusty Tallman, National Association of Wheat Growers president and Colorado wheat producer outlined the wheat industry's blueprint for the next farm bill.

Tallman was accompanied by North Dakota wheat producer Alan Skogan and NAWG Director of Government Relations Wayne Hammon.

The wheat growers' plan is based on the development of three main types of farm support payments that work together to build a safety net for the nation's agricultural producers. First, the NAWG plan would set a guaranteed fixed payment equal to the 1999 Agricultural Marketing Transition Act payment and extend support to oilseed producers. Second, the NAWG plan would retain the commodity marketing loan and Loan Deficiency Payment program and equalize loan rates across commodities. Third, the NAWG plan would create a commodity specific counter-cyclical payment that increased whenever prices declined.

According to Tallman, "Taken as a whole, the NAWG plan provides reliable support to farmers each year without the need for additional emergency spending. It does so in a way that is equitable, financially responsible, counter-cyclical and World Trade Organization compliant."

Given current projected prices, the NAWG plan would cost just over $5 billion each year above the current U.S. Department of Agriculture baseline to implement.

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