Jerry Moran supported the Marriage Penalty Relief Act that would end the additional tax burden on 66,213 families in the First District of Kansas.

The House passed this measure by a vote of 268 to 158.

"Congress took the first step to eliminate a provision of the current tax code that is so unfair--the penalty for being married," said Moran. "The marriage tax penalty costs the average married couple in Kansas $1,400 a year. The elimination of the marriage penalty furthers a simple idea--apply common sense and fairness to the tax code."

Currently 259,904 couples in Kansas are impacted by a marriage penalty. The bill increases the standard deduction for married couples from $7,350 to $8,800 or twice the standard deduction for a single person.

Marriage penalty relief is middle-income tax relief. According to the Congressional Budget Office, most of the marriage penalty occurs when the higher earning spouse makes between $20,000 to $75,000 per year.

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