Rep. Jerry Moran, R-KS, supported passage of the education funding bill, which enhances resources to Kansas schools and students.

The bill, HR 3061, is expected to be signed into law by President Bush.

"Our children deserve the best possible education," Moran said. "This bill represents the federal government's strongest commitment ever to prepare more children for school, to help schools education children with disabilities and to help more families afford college."

HR 3061 increases funding to important education programs such as:

--Head Start Program: This program provides early childhood education and development services to low-income preschool children. The 2002 budget for the Head Start Program is $6.54 billion, an increase of $338 million.

--Special Education: Funding for education of children with special needs is increased by $1.2 billion from last year, bringing the total to $7.5 billion. This increase in funding will free up local funds in Kansas communities for other education needs and put less pressure on local property taxes.

--Pell Grant Program: This bill increases the Pell Grant to $4,000, the highest maximum grant allowed in the history of the program. Funding for the Pell Grant program as a whole increased to $1.7 billion, Pell Grants give low-income students the chance to make their dream of attending college a reality.

"I recognize that the majority of the resources for education come from state and local government, and I am a strong supporter of local control of education," Moran said. "However, the federal government has an important role to play in funding these vital programs for schools and students. I am pleased to see this strong commitment to education by Congress."

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