A Owatonna, MN, 4-Her exhibited the top lamb out of 506 entries to win the 2000 Ak-Sar-Ben 4-H Livestock Exposition sheep carcass contest. An Iowa lamb was reserve champion.

Kyle Soderstros' 123-pound lamb had a 68.5-pound carcass, 0.10 inches of fat,0.60-inch body wall, 4.6-inch loin eye area and 52.98 percent boneless, closely trimmed retail cuts. The blue ribbon live animal graded choice and earned Kyle $200.

The reserve champion carcass came from a blue-ribbon 116-pound lamb exhibited by Brian Lill of LeMars, Iowa. This lamb had a 61.1-pound carcass, 0.10 inch of backfat, 0.80 inch of body wall thickness, 4.5 inch loin eye area, and 52.55 percent boneless, closely trimmed retail cuts. Brian received $150 for this placing.

The average carcass weight was 72.4 pounds, 0.14 inches of fat, 0.89 inch of body wall thickness, 3.32-inch loin eye area and 47.52 percent boneless, closely trimmed retail cuts.

The live show was Sept. 23. Lambs were processed at Iowa Lamb Co. in Haywarden, Iowa.

Third through 10th placings are as follows:

Ryan Cheney, Bennet, NE; Kari Stewart, Dixon, NE; JoLynne Obrecht, Harlan, IA; Cacy Bartels, Holdrege, NE; Daniel Cadenbach, Waco, NE; Matt Nielsen, Albert Lea, MN; Katie Stewart, Hubbard, NE; Becky Hill, Worthington, MN.

For full carcass results, check the World Wide Web at

Eight states are eligible to enter the Ak-Sar-Ben 4-H Livestock Exposition. This expo, the largest of its kind, attracts more than 2,000 4-Hers exhibiting their horse and livestock projects annually.

4-H in Nebraska is part of Cooperative Extension in NU's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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