A 1,330-pound Minnesota steer topped 191 other market beef from the 73rd Ak-Sar-Ben 4-H Youth Livestock carcass contest. A 1,316-pound Nebraska steer was reserve champion.

Ryan Mitteners of Ada, MN, exhibited the animal that yielded the champion carcass following the completion of the 4-H Market Beef show. Mitteners' steer yielded a 840-pound choice carcass, 17.8-inch loin eye area, 0.35 inch of backfat, two inches of kidney and pelvic fat, cutability of 54.17 and yield grade of 1.27. The live steer gained an average of 2.55 pounds daily and received a blue ribbon at the live show. Mitteners will receive $200.

The reserve champion carcass came from a steer exhibited by Justyn Broweleit of Kearney, NE. Justyn's steer yielded a 837-pound, low-choice carcass, 16.6-inch loin eye area, 0.35 inch of backfat, 1 inch of kidney and pelvic fat, and yield grade of 1.44. The live steer gained an average of 2.69 pounds daily and earned a red ribbon. Justyn will receive $150.

Ak-Sar-Ben Beef Carcass Superintendent Dennis Burson explained why the carcass placings frequently do not coincide with the live placings. Purple ribbon beef carcasses must have a yield grade of 1 or 2, plus grade choice or high choice. However, on the average lean live cattle often do not grade choice or higher and receive lower live ribbon placings of blue or red.

Burson, meat specialist in the University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, said 62.5 percent of the beef in this year's carcass contest graded low choice or better, and 76 percent were yield grades 1 or 2.

Burson also noted that over the years beef carcasses have become heavier, a reflection of a heavier live animal. The average live weight of the 191 market steers and heifers during this year's show was 1,314 pounds, compared to last year's average 1,303 pounds. The average daily gain was 2.71 pounds; average carcass, 830 pounds; loineye area, 14.54 square inches; backfat, 0.44 inches; kidney-heart-pelvic fat, 2.21 inches; and 2.56 yield grade.

Processing and data collection was done by Excel Packing Co. of Schuyler and Carson and Drefs Quality Meats of Blair.

Beef carcass third through tenth placings are as follows: Josh Bornemeier, Elmwood, NE; Sheryl Kirkpatrick, Hamburg, IA; Patrick Knievel, West Point, NE; Tim Holm, Chandler, MN; Jessica Ericson, Garden Grove, MN; Jan DeBuhr, Auburn, NE; Renee Esch, Spalding, NE; Paul Dory, Chariton, IA.

The 4-H beef show attracted entries from Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota. The Ak-Sar-Ben 4-H Livestock Exposition is the largest of its kind, attracting more than 2,000 4-Hers exhibiting their horse and livestock projects annually. Other carcass results are expected to be posted to

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