Meat & Poultry magazine ranked Kansas State University fourth among the nation's universities in delivering top students to the U.S. meat and poultry industry--those most likely to produce the plant managers and chief executive officers of the future.

Iowa State University, Texas A&M and the University of Arkansas were ranked one, two and three, respectively.

In its commentary, the magazine stated: "Programs available through KSU are especially strong in terms of teaching regulatory compliance to beef and pork processors. Course topics tend to be beef processing based, but the university's Pork 101 class crosses species lines by teaching attendees about the processing and food safety steps involved in pork product manufacturing."

The magazine also said, "Program developers deserve kudos for their awareness of up and coming issues and creating a course addressing one of the timelier issues facing beef producers and processors, which is animal identification and traceability. This past summer, KSU.animal science faculty held a course titled Beef I.D. Academy on eight occasions to enlighten producers and processors about the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture's forthcoming national I.D. system and animal traceback requirements.

"The department regularly hosts courses addressing compliance issues related to recalls, E. Coli reassessment procedures, validation of C.C.P.s, HACCP audits, and microbiological testing methods."

The article also acknowledged that K-State is expanding its distance learning courses, which are designed to enhance the knowledge of those already working in the industry, as well as students seeking alternatives to traditional degree programs in meat science.

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