By Joe Raff

Wichita County Extension Agriculture Agent

We had another great marketing meeting this month.

Rob Borchardt, Texas A&M University economist, put together a great program on Links that marketers can use to obtain market information from the Web.

Along these lines, I also want to remind everyone that Vernon will be hosting another Master Marketing Program, starting in January, 2001. If anyone is interested in going through the Master Marketing Program, contact me, at the office, and I will submit your name.

If you are like me, sometimes I can spend hours on the Web looking up information. These links should save you time and help you build your marketing plan. Listed below are some of the links that you can use to find information about marketing, prices, inventory etc."

--Commodity exchanges; Chicago Board of Trade, www.cbot.com; Chicago Mercantile Exchange, www.cme.com; Kansas City Board of Trade, www.kcbt.com; LMIC Situation and Analysis, lmicl.co.nrcs.usda.gov; Mid America Commodity Exchange, www.midam.com; Minneapolis Grain Exchange, www.mgex.com; New York Cotton Exchange, www.nyce.com; and the Winnipeg Grain Exchange. www.wce.mb.ca.

--Texas A&M University Agriculture Program sites: TAEX-Vernon's AgRisk, agrisk.tamu.edu; Master Marketer, agecoext.tamu.edu/marketer/list.htm; Texas Risk Management Education Program, trmep.tamu.edu; TAMU Extension Agricultural Economics, agecoext.tamu.edu; and TAEX Livestock Marketing, livestock-marketing.tamu.edu.

--University Ag Marketing sites: AgMas (University of Illinois), www.aces.uiuc.edu/~agmas; Georgia Extension Ag Eco Outlook, www.ces.uga.edu/agriculute/agecon/outlook.html; K-State Livestock and Meat Marketing Institute, www.agecon.ksu.edu/livestock; K-State Ag Marketing Newsletter, www.agecon.ksu.edu.

--Cattle marketing and management sites: Managing for Today's Cattle Market Series, ag.arizona.edu/arec/wenc/todayscattlepub.html; Texas Cattle Feeders Association, www.tcfa.org; Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, www.texascattleraisers.org; National Cattlemen's Beef Association, www.beef.org; Texas Beef Council, tx.beef.org/txbeef; Ag Center, www.agcenter.com; and USDA Livestock Market News Summary, ianrwww.unl.edu/markets/livestck.html.

--Crop producer organization sites: National Association of wheat Growers, www.wheatworld.org; National Corn Growers Association, www.ncga.com; U.S. Cotton, www.cotton.org; and U.S. Grains Council, www.grains.org.

--Weather sites: Intellicast radar, satellite and forecasts, www.intellicast.com; National Satellite Loops, www.frd.fsl.noaa.gov/mab/sat; National Weather Service, www.nws.noaa.gov; The Weather Channel, www.weather.com; TDA Crop and Weather Updates, www.agr.state.tx.us.info/infol.htm; and a good one for soil temperatures, etc., is www.rbnw.org/weather.

--Financial sites: Farm Credit Bank of Texas, www.farmcreditbank.com; Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, www.dallasfed.org; Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, www.kc.frb.org.

If you are looking for a good site for charts and graphs, check out Commodity Charts and Quotes, at www.tfc-charts.w2d.com.

Keep in mind, these sites are among hundreds of thousands that are on the Web, and I am sure there are many that are just as good. Also, most of these sites will have links to other sites that I am not aware of. Take some time, read several of these and make your own decision.

If you have any questions, please give me a call, at 940-716-5580. You also can get my articles off the Web, at www.joetomwhite.com, and click on the County Agent Report.

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