The Manchester Mfg. Co. Force Feed Feeder Chain fits all combines.

"It is the only major improvement in combine feeder chains," says Ron Kloefkorn of his company's popular feeder chain which prevents combine plugging. Available in regular (CA550) or heavy-duty (CA557) chain, it will feed IHC, Case, Deere, AC, MF, MM, NH and White combines, with a three-chain for the Axial Flow IHC.

"We recommend the leading edge on our slats be all smooth if you are combining corn; all notched if you cut rice; and alternate smooth and notched slats for combining heavy and small grains," says Kloefkorn.

The Grain Saver for Gleaner combines (hillside and regular): "Regardless of the tilt of the combine, grain is held in place across the full width of the raddle by the Manchester Hillside Roller Chain Raddle, a low-cost way to prevent grain loss on hilly or contoured land."

WHMW self-lubricating plastic inserts prevent wear on slats and feederhouse floor; splitting and crushing of grain in edible crops and for stripper headers.

Manchester Mfg. Co. is in the process of manufacturing a self-propelled weed wicker for dry land and row crops.

Models are hydrostat drive and steer, hydraulic booms with manual fold. Single and dual Spiedel tubes for heavy concentration. Booms are three section to fit contour of land. Narrow tires with row dividers to keep crop knockdown minimal. Air suspension seat for better ride. Foam marker is standard equipment. The prototype has been used the past two years wicking rye in wheat and weeds in cotton and has proven very effective.

Visit the Manchester display at the 3i Show, in Garden City, KS, April 26 to 28.

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