A nostalgic Nebraska farm scene won top honors in the annual White House Easter Egg Artistry Contest, organized by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, Poultry and Egg Division, in conjunction with the American Egg Board.

Oakland resident Roger Maller designed the winning egg. To create his depiction of Nebraska, Maller painted a farm scene, which included a red barn and silo, farm house with trees, a windmill, a farmer on a tractor, under blue skies and clouds.

Maller's egg has been sent to the American Egg Board, which will work with the White House, in creating the 2001 Easter Egg Display. One egg from each state and the District of Columbia will make up the White House Easter Egg Display, started by First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Maller's egg was chosen from an assortment of eggs entered by amateur Nebraska artists. Second place went to Rebecca Dutcher, Culbertson. Dutcher entered an intricately beaded football egg with a red "N" for the Nebraska Huskers. The egg was covered with more than 2,200 glass beads that were applied by hand and glued in place. Brigitta Meyer, Garland, received third place. Meyer's painted egg included a farmer on a tractor, in a field, with a skyscape backdrop.

Each artist decorated a large, blown-out chicken egg to depict special features of Nebraska. In this and previous years, artists adorned eggs with painted and dyed landscapes and symbols, as well as feathers, grains and beads. The entries were displayed for public viewing and voting at the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery Gift Shop, in Lincoln, during September and October.

The White House Easter Egg Artistry Contest has been an annual event. The Poultry and Egg Division of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, in conjunction with the American Egg Board, hopes to sponsor the contest next year.

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