President Clinton has released his proposal for fiscal year 2000 federal budget.

Any presidential administration in office is required to submit a budget proposal to Congress by the second Monday of February each year. This was the last budget to be proposed by President Clinton, as this is his last year in office.

U.S. Sixth District Congressman Frank Lucas had this to say in response to the proposal:

"There are many provisions in this budget plan I strongly disagree with. I cannot support the President's proposal which cuts Medicare by $70 billion over 10 years, creates 83 new federal spending programs, significantly increases spending on 155 established federal programs and increases taxes by $260 billion from 2001 to 2010. This is a big government, Washington, DC-based budget that has no distinguishable priorities and instead just throws money at every challenge our nation faces as a plausible solution to all our problems," Lucas said.

"The President's massive proposals would eliminate approximately 70% of the expected $1.9 trillion non-Social Security surplus and makes the assumption that the American people want the federal government to continue to grow and use their over-taxed paychecks to do this.

"I propose that we continue to restrain our growth in spending and focus on public debt relief and tax fairness and prioritize federal spending to areas Oklahomans and Americans want to see prioritized by this Congress and future Congresses. The defense budget long has been overburdened by this Administration and needs revitalizing. We also are looking at another tough year for agriculture and we cannot--absolutely cannot--cut the Medicare program. We should, instead, be putting money into securing Medicare," Lucas said.

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