As the fall runs begin to hit local auction barns, cattlemen look for their big payday in a favorable market atmosphere.

Cheap corn makes for optimistic buyers, with the current dry conditions some market areas face.

With the industry making major changes in the way they market the end product, a standardized raw material will help the industry produce the consistent product the consumer demands. Genetics and health are the two most important indicators of future performance as cattlemen meet their grass and feedlot needs.

Special calf sales have become an important marketing tool for commercial cattlemen to effectively market their calf crops. Users of Limousin genetics have the opportunity to identify a Limousin Special calf sale in their area to market their genetics.

"We have a lot of people come in with 25 to 40 head lots. They fit in real well and the smaller producers are happy with what the sale has been doing for them," says Dave Braun, Braun Limousin Farms, Victoria, KS. "Feedlots are interested in feeding Limousin genetics and we have seen big premiums paid for the F1 females."

The yearly calf sales are sponsored by the North American Limousin Foundation, as a customer service tool to help users of Limousin genetics receive full value for their product. Currently sales are scheduled in Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

"Limousin Special feeder calf sales provide an opportunity for producers to showcase Limousin influence feeder cattle to buyers demanding Limousin genetics," says Benjie Lemon, NALF director of commercial industry relations.

Producers utilize these calf sales to garner the extra buyer interest when large groups of similar genetics are brought together to be marketed in the same area. Cooperative marketing efforts help foster relationships between different segments of the industry.

"We are seeing when we pool these genetics together, buyers will pay for them. We saw demand for Limousin genetics at both our sales last year," Braun says. "People are realizing there is a lot of value in red meat yield."

The evolution of value-based markets and case ready products creates a need for high red meat yield cattle. Limousin genetics offer end point market flexibility.

For more information on a Limousin Special sale in the area, contact Lemon, at 303-220-1693.

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