Land Pride, a division of Great Plains Mfg., is recognized as a leading manufacturer of grounds maintenance equipment throughout North America.

Based in Salina, KS, Land Pride has manufacturing facilities in Abilene, KS; Kipp, KS; and Lucas, KS. With over 1,400 national and international dealers, Land Pride provides increased shipping efficiency through an in-house trucking company and also offers dealers financing options.

With 18 product groups and several hundred models, Land Pride has grown rapidly since its inception in 1986. And Land Pride continues to enjoy strong growth in the marketplace with the recent introduction of 11 new products, including the Skid Steer Powered Rake, Soil Pulverizer with Seedbox, Flail Mowers and many more.

Land Pride's line of agri-maintenance equipment includes Rear Blades, Landscape Rakes, Scarifiers, Box Scrapers, Soil Pulverizers, Disc Harrows, 15' three-Section Rotary Cutters, Disc Mowers and Post Hole Diggers.

The Rear Blade line offers 48-inch utility-duty blades for light-duty jobs and landscaping, all the way up to 120 inch heavy-duty blades for all-around farm use. Hydraulic angling, tilt and offset are available on the heavy-duty models.

The 15-foot Rotary Cutter line offers three models in medium or heavy-duty. The three sections of the cutter are hinged to shape the cutter to the job; ideal for rough ground, where hillsides, ditches and hollows can cause uneven cutting. With gearboxes rated up to 200 hp, these cutters tackle material up to four inches in diameter, making them ideal for rugged pasture maintenance.

Land Pride implements also are used by commercial contractors, golf courses, municipalities and private homeowners. The landscaping line includes Grooming Mowers, All-Flex Mowers, Flail Mowers, Rotary Cutters, Rotary Tillers, Post Hole Diggers, Powered Rakes, Primary Seeders, Overseeders, Hitches and Spreaders.

And it doesn't stop there! Land Pride continues to look to the future with additional new products slated to be released in 2000. With a growing product line and committed employees, Land Pride remains a strong force in the landscaping and agri-maintenance markets.

To find out more about Land Pride, visit the Mid America Farm Show, in Salina, KS.

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