The K-State Research and Extension news office has completed a project to broadcast quality spots with a fair, accurate description of the processes and issues involved in plant biotechnology. The four-part series, coordinated by Pat Melgares and produced by Joe Camoriano, was designed to address the controversial nature of plant biotechnology. The series was broadcast on more than 20 stations in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. The project was funded through the Kansas Wheat Commission's one-penny wheat assessment.

Information was gathered from the National Biotechnology Conference in San Diego, CA. as well as several Kansas producers and professionals. Each part in the series addresses a separate area within biotechnology including "Biotechnology: What is it?," "Risks and Benefits," "Farmers and Consumers" and "Biotech Crops."

Additional information or copies of the series can be found on at www.oznet.ksu.edu/learnmore/TVBiotech.htm.

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