Western Kansas

The Kansas Department of Commerce and Housing (KDOC&H) has awarded an $8,084 Kansas Industrial Retraining (KIR) grant to Montezuma Welding & Mfg., Inc., Montezuma.

The company is mechanizing portions of its operations and updating equipment. As a result, 20 existing employees will be retrained. The company is contributing $8,084 in matching dollars.

Montezuma Welding & Mfg. is a manufacturer of toolboxes and agriculture-related items, including planter arms, pack wheel frames and seed tubes. Company trainers and equipment vendors will conduct classroom and on-the-job training.

"The KIR program is one of the ways the KDOC&H helps Kansas companies keep pace with technological and other changes that occur in their industries," said Gary Sherrer, lieutenant governor and secretary of the Department of Commerce and Housing.

The KIR program funds training on a shared-cost basis. It assists firms needing to train five or more existing employees, due to technological changes and diversification of production activities. Grants cover classroom training expenses and on-the-job training.

Two other Workforce Training programs available through the KDOC&H are Kansas Industrial Training (KIT) and Investments in Major Projects and Comprehensive Training (IMPACT). The KIT program provides training assistance to firms in the process of adding five or more jobs to a new or existing Kansas facility. The IMPACT program is primarily targeted to firms implementing comprehensive training for large groups of employees.

The KDOC&H is the state's lead economic development organization, responsible for ensuring economic opportunities for all Kansans. For more information about these programs, contact the KDOC&H workforce training staff, at 785-296-5298.

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