Kansas exports for 1999 increased five times as much as exports for the United States as a whole.

Figures released from the U.S. Department of Commerce show Kansas exports grew 10% last year to a total of $4.85 billion. The increase for the U.S. was just 2%.

"A solid 10% export growth for Kansas, compared to the 2% national growth, confirms that Kansas companies continue to take advantage of new global opportunities," said Lt. Governor-Commerce Secretary Gary Sherrer. "Kansas remains committed to identifying and facilitating even more global opportunities as we partner with Kansas companies."

Kansas' top 10 export markets for 1999 include: Japan, $948 million; Canada, $855 million; Mexico, $490 million; United Kingdom, $273 million; South Korea, $186 million; Taiwan, $182 million; Germany, $179 million; Colombia, $134 million; France, $!25 million; Venezuela, $107 million.

Kansas' top five export classifications in 1999 included: Transportation equipment, $1.147 billion; food and kindred products, $1.119 billion; agricultural crops, $963 million; industrial machinery and equipment, $390 million; and instruments and related products, $284 million.

Kansas export statistics from 1994 to 1999 show total Kansas exports (merchandise and agricultural crops) have increased 39%.

The mission of the Trade Development Division of the Kansas Department of Commerce and Housing (KDOC&H) is to increase international sales of Kansas goods and services and to increase the number of international corporations located in Kansas. The ultimate objective for both goals is to increase jobs in Kansas.

"Kansas employs approximately 82,500 people in export-related jobs," said Michael Farmer, director of the Trade Development Division. "Those jobs typically pay up to 15% higher wages than the national average." According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, approximately 17,000 jobs are created for every $1 billion in export sales.

For more information about the 1999 Kansas export statistics, contact the Trade Development Division of the KDOC&H, at 785-296-4027; e-mail, at ksintl@kdoch.state.ks.us; or TTY (hearing impaired), at 785-296-3487.

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