Kansas State University Research and Extension is offering the following area and state-wide agricultural conferences and field days to all interested persons. For more information about these events and local and county events, check with the local Extension office.

--July 15 to 17, Crop Diagnostic School, Manhattan, 785-532-6183;

--July 22-23, Kansas Ag Retailers Association Crop School, Manhattan, 785-532-6183;

--July 31, Fall Cereal Conference, Manhattan, 785-532-7245;

--Aug. 12, Kansas River Valley Experiment Field Day, Topeka, 785-354-7236;

--Aug. 13, Dryland Ag Day, Southwest Research-Ext. Ctr., Tribune, 620-376-4761;

--Aug. 13, East Central Experiment Field Fall Field Day, Ottawa, 785-242-5616;

--Aug. 14, Sandyland Experiment Field Fall Field Day, St. John, 620-549-3345;

--Aug. 14-15, Risk and Profit Conference, Manhattan, 785-532-1504;

--Aug. 19, Irrigation Experiment Field Day, Scandia, 785-335-2836;

--Aug. 21, Hesston Experiment Field Fall Field Day, Hesston, 620-327-4651;

--Aug. 26, South Central Expt. Field Fall Field Day, Hutchinson, 620-662-9021;

--Aug. 26, Agricultural Research Center Fall Field Day, Hays, 785-625-3425;

--Aug. 27, Northwest Research-Extension Center Fall Field Day, Colby, 785-462-6281;

--Aug. 28, North Central Kansas Exp. Field Fall Field Day, Belleville, 785-335-2836;

--Aug. 28, Southwest Research-Ext. Ctr. Fall Field Day, Garden City, 620-276-8286.

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